Young artists to shine at Milli Reasürans

Published 06.04.2017 23:20
Updated 06.04.2017 23:21

İş Sanat will host young and talented artists Selen Aydoğan on violin and Umut Sağlam on violoncello as part of its Parlayan Yıldızlar (Shining Stars) concert series at Millî Reasürans on April 17. The artists will show the audience their special repertoire. The concertis free of charge. Selen Aydoğan was born in Istanbul in 2002. She started her music education in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2008 as a part-time violin student at Sergey Sergiyeviç Prokofiev Music School. Aydoğan, who ranked first in Almaty and second in Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan's 45th Jazz Music Festival in the category of "young violinists," joined the Doğuş Children's Symphonic Orchestra in 2016.

Aydoğan continues her education at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. Born in 1998 in Ankara, Umut Sağlam started his violoncello education in 2009 at Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory under the supervision of Tufan Tahir Tolga. He continued his education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory in 2014 with Dilbağ Tokay. Sağlam ranked the second in International German and Austrian Music Contest, which was held in Bulgaria in 2015 and ranked first in Young Virtuoses Contest in Italy. He continues his education in Barenboim-Said Akademie, which admitted him in 2016, with Cladius Popp.

When: April 17

Where: Milli Reasürans

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