New gallery hosts exhibit inspired by poppies

Published 10.04.2017 21:59
Updated 10.04.2017 22:00

The first guest of Part Gallery, which recently opened and was deemed as a breath of fresh air for the art community, is artist Hikmet Çetinkaya, who is renowned for his paintings of poppy fields.

Çetinkaya received a lot of praise on the opening night of this exhibition, "Unutma" (Don't Forget), which was memorable for the live performance and can be visited until May 11.

A 80 x 100 cm poppy painting and costumes inspired from his paintings were sold at an auction by auctioneer Rahmi Çöğendez and the income has been donated to Strong Families with Autism Association. With solo and group exhibitions, symposiums and projects he has attended in various cities all over Europe, he has introduced Turkey's name to transoceanic countries and notes that the question that is asked all around the world is why he chooses to draw poppies.

Noting that while poppies did not have a negative or positive impact or a memory in his life, he believes that they represent human life. "There is a past, a today but no tomorrow; everything is in the now. We need to enjoy breathing, eating, seeing, waking up from a peaceful afternoon slumber as these may not be there tomorrow. There is an end to everything.

Last meal, last clothing, last person we look at." Çetinkaya adds that he wants to draw attention to the fact that we need to enjoy our life and everything in it before the inevitable arrives and save the pain of understanding someone or something's value before it is too late. For him, poppies mean appreciating the value of something, loving, remembering; the purity and beauty of the heart.

When: Until May 11
Where: Part Gallery

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