Emily Wells to perform at Zorlu PSM #studio

Published 18.04.2017 00:59
Updated 18.04.2017 01:00

American singer, songwriter and producer Emily Wells, who creates music inspired by a wide spectrum of styles from alternative and experimental to classical, is performing at #studio on April 20.

Born in Texas, U.S., Emily Wells started playing the violin at the age of 4 and started producing her own recordings at the age of 13. After her debut, "Beautiful Sleepyhead & the Laughing Yaks," in 2006, she created remixes and produced her own songs. One year after her debut, she worked with bassist Joey Reina and drummer Sam Halterman from The Symphonies: Dreams, Memories & Parties and her works were praised by many leading American magazines.

While her main instrument is the violin, she also can play the cello, viola and analog synthesizer, and used these instruments in "Mama," released by Partisan Records in 2012. She was praised as "knocking down the boundaries of traditional music genres" and adapting the simplicity and passion of jazz and folk artists, mainly Bob Dylan, who inspired her music.

She lists music theorist John Cage, composer Philip Grass and hip-hop band Wu-Tang Clan as primary influences. She will bring her unique sound with different instruments and samples to #studio's stage on April 20.

When: April 20

Where: Zorlu PSM -studio

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