Beykoz Children's Book Fair kicks off

Published 24.04.2017 00:24
Updated 24.04.2017 00:32

Organized for the third time by Beykoz Municipality, the "Beykoz Children's Book Fair" has started on Saturday and will end on April 30. 75 children's books publishers will take their place at the fair. The fair that aims to enable children and young people to gain the habit of reading and quality reading will host authors including Şermin Çarkacı, Erol Erdoğan, İrfan Gürkan Çelebi, Melih Tuğtağ ve Bestami Yazgan for discussions.

This year the honorary author of the festival is Gülten Dayığlu, one of the most esteemed Turkish female children's books' authors and there will be 150 activities including storytellers, clown and puppet shows. There will be performances for introducing some of the most important explorers, inventors and scientists who shaped the future of and contributed a great deal to the progress in the world including İbn-i Sina, Ali Kuşçu, Piri Reis, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton ve Johannes Gutenberg at the "Those Who Shaped the Future" section.

When: Until April 30

Where: Beykoz Municipality Parking Lot

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