Century-old Istanbul photos on exhibition

Published 31.05.2017 23:30
Updated 31.05.2017 23:31

Featuring Istanbul photos, most taken 100 years ago, the "Istanbul 100" exhibition by Hungarian architect Karoly Kos is open. Organized with the cooperation of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Hungarian Cultural Center, the exhibition is in the New Mosque's Hünkar Pavilion. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Hungarian Cultural Center head Gabor Fodor said that most of the photos were taken from 1918-1927. Fodor said that Kos, one of the most prominent Hungarian architects, came to Istanbul as a scholarship student at the Hungarian Scientific Institute Constantinople.

Reiterating that they are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Hungarian Scientific Institute Constantinople's foundation, Fodor said, "Karoly Kos made considerable research on Ottoman architecture here and wrote a book titled 'Istanbul.' He published the photos he took in his book. We aim to tell the story of both Karoly Kos and the institution which was closed down in 1918. Consisting of objects like envelopes and journals from those years along with Kos's photos, the exhibition is open until June 6.

When: Until June 6

Where: Hünkar Pavilion at the New Mosque

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