Operation room to host art exhibition

Published 13.06.2017 01:09
Updated 13.06.2017 01:10
Operation room to host art exhibition

The American Hospital's Operation Room art gallery will host Furkan Temir's "Surface Stack or Mineral Mountain" exhibition between June 15 and August 19, open every day except Sundays. The color and black and white work Temir has been working on for the past two years, which is the core of the exhibition, will be accompanied by a video installation that is restructured through algorithmic software that scans through hundreds of portrait photographs that he has taken during his visits to Anatolia.

3-D digital geography models based on Temir's photographs will be turned into printed material and on display. Another part of the installation consists of ground materials in various sizes made of basalt, asphalt and concrete. What kind of information does country give about an individual in terms of location? How do you establish intellectual and emotional context in a country that has the tradition of covering up what is on the surface and digging deep down to see what is underneath?

Ilgın Deniz Akseloğlu is the curator and Umut Altıntaş created the designs for the exhibition, which reinterprets the relation the documentary photography tradition has with this culture and region, is curated by. Born in 1995, journalist and artist Temir's childhood in eastern Anatolia turned him into a documentary photographer, which he taught to himself. He moved to Istanbul, where he still lives, in order to study cinema at Istanbul University. He traveled abroad for photography projects and he uses painting, video, photography and installations in his work, which centers on communities in the Middle East.

Temir's photographs have been printed in The New York Times, Time, CNN, Stern, Paris Match, Le Monde and The Guardian and he has had group exhibitions in Germany, Italy, France, Poland and Turkey. He's been represented by VII Photography Agency since 2016 within the Mentoring Program.

When: June 15 to Aug. 19

Where: American Hospital's Operation Room

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