Local electronic groups to turn Peyote into a dance floor

Published 22.06.2017 01:31
Updated 22.06.2017 01:34
Local electronic groups to turn Peyote into a dance floor

Expertly combining Turkish electronic music with several other genres, Islandman, Mind Shifter and Rain Lab are ready to turn Peyote's Cennet Bahçesi into a dance floor.


Founded as a result of Tolga Büyük's solo work conducted since 2010, Islandman consists of percussionist Eralp Güven along with Erdem Başer on guitar and synth. Attracting attention thanks to their wide range of influences, from Afro beat to Krautrock, the musical experience of the members of the group clearly affects their music. Releasing the EP "Ağıt" (Requiem) in August on the Danish Music for Dreams label, Islandman offers quite an extraordinary experience to audiences throughout the performance. The sounds they create with synthesizers turn into a new musical wonder with the effect. And what is left to listeners is to dance along with the perfect flow of the music.

Mind Shifter

First founded by Orhan Yılmaz in 2012, and turned into a group with the participation of Meriç Erseçgen and Burak Gürpınar, Mind Shifter offers a great atmosphere both to spectators and listeners. Creating their music with the idea to you hear what you want, the group leads listeners to inquire about their existence with their electronica, synthwave and synthpop. Their album "Disconnected" was released in 2013, their "Another Life" EP was released in 2014 and "Welcome" in 2015 on Partapart Records. The group's last EP, "Horizon", was released on June 12 of this year. Sharing stage with many prominent figures up until now, Mind Shifter continues live performances performing at various stages and festivals.

Rain Lab

Istanbul-based new generation trip hop and world music trio Rain Lab take listeners to a brand new universe where electronic music is combined with emotions. With Da Poet's rhythms known from the group 90BPM, the bloomy vocals of composer İdil Meşe and Beril Meşe's emotional saxophone riffs, Rain Lab offers calm and touchy music to listeners. Wandering in the deep concepts of love, loss, beauty and truth, the trio has a sensitive and intense understanding of music. First releasing the tracks "Mountain Sperrins" and "Rosetta's Song" at the Red Bull Warm Up contest and having the chance of recording at Red Bull's Berlin studios, Meşe and Da Poet recorded their single "Infatuation" with sound engineer and producer Christian Prommer. Their first studio experience was filmed by Red Bull and will be released with their singles this summer. Rain Lab's first short play record will be released on Noiseist Records, produced by Çağan Tunalı, in summer 2017.

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