Passion of painting combined with resin

Published 22.06.2017 23:02
Updated 22.06.2017 23:03

Pasha Art Gallery is hosting the first Turkish artist combining her passion for painting with resin, Nadide Sevinç Goldştayn until the end of the month. The artist has extraordinary technique, expressing her colorful understanding of arts with abstract formations. In her paintings, which give the feeling of glass, she mostly uses vibrant colors.

Inspired by nature, the artist says, "Working with resin is full of surprises. All your body and soul actively take part in this creative process. As resin is a super-fast drying matter, you do not have time to stop and think for a while. Just like the life, itself."

Nadide Sevinç Goldştayn has been passionate about painting for years. Working as a marketing manager at international companies in Turkey and Canada for years, Goldştayn has focused her attention on painting in recent years.

She took painting classes from Pete Dammers in Amsterdam and worked with artists including Wanda Mumm, Bill Bayer and Cynthia Knox in the U.S. Featuring at the most prominent arts congresses in the U.S., Goldştayn took part at the arts fair held at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Her main supporter in painting is her husband Murat Goldştayn, who is also an art lover. Excited by a tableau she saw at a gallery in Arizona, the artist's adventure in resin began. Via a set of chemical experiments, she explored ways of using resin.

Where: Pasha Art Gallery

When: until June 30

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