Royal Opera House Screening: Othello

Published 27.08.2017 20:56
Updated 27.08.2017 21:02

The classical composition of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi's "Othello" will be at Zorlu PSM (Performance Arts Center) Studio on Sept. 20, within the scope of the Royal Opera House screenings that will continue throughout the season. The opera adapted from William Shakespeare's "Othello" by "Liberatto" Arrigo Boit, who worked with Verdi on his "Falstaff," premiered at Teatro alla Scala on Feb. 5, 1887. Described as the most successful work of Giuseppe Verdi's career by many music authorities, "Othello" premiered in the U.S. on April 16, 1888 at the Academy of Music in New York. The London premiere on July 5, 1889 followed.

This opera has been in the repertoires of some of the most prestigious opera and ballet centers ever since and is the 25th most performed opera of all time. The story set in the 15th century about the jealousy, fury and loving relationship between Othello, who is assigned as the new governor by the Republic of Venice, his wife Desdemona and Cassio. The Royal Opera House adaptation of the opera is loyal to Verdi's original music and includes the interpretation of Keith Warner.

With the music performed by the orchestra conducted by Antonio Pappano, the breathtaking performances of Jonas Kaufmann and Gregory Kunde await the audiences at the Royal Opera House version of "Othello." The presentation and conversation starts at 7 p.m. and lasts approximately for an hour. The screening is to start at 8 p.m.

When: Sept. 20

Where: Zorlu PSM - Studio

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