Swedish indie pop musician on Istanbul stage

Published 31.08.2017 00:46
Updated 31.08.2017 00:47
Swedish indie pop musician on Istanbul stage

Turning the cold of Sweden into a tropical climate with his high-IQ lyrics, indie pop musician Jens Lekman will be at Garaj on Sept. 8 and 9. The artist came onto the scene in 2004 with an album titled "When I said I Wanted to Be Your Dog." The lyrics of the song, which have identified with Sweden and being Swedish, were extraordinary.

Lekman is in the leading role of world disco and has worked with English producer Ewan Pearson, who has crossed paths with Depeche Mode, The Rapture, Goldfrapp, The Chemical Brothers, M83, Tracey Thorn and Gwen Stefani. Lekman will be accompanied by the members of his band. This will mark the first time he has performed with his group in Turkey. The musician is at the height of his career and there are many reasons to watch him and his band at Garaj in Istanbul.

When: Sept. 9

Where: Garaj

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