'Bach Alla Turca/Danzon' ballets present gender relations

Published 11.10.2017 00:20
Updated 11.10.2017 00:22

Ankara State Opera and Ballet will present "Bach Alla Turca/Danzon." According to a statement from the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, "Bach Alla Turca/Danzon," which includes two ballets, will be presented on the night of Oct. 12. "Bach Alla Turca" is a modern dance show in which male-female relations are reflected in an abstract form in company with Johann Sebastian Bach's music.

Mehmet Balkan is the choreographer and pianist Anjelika Akbar did the arrangements of Bach for the album "Bach A L'Orientale." In "Danzon", which will be performed with Armağan Davran and Volkan Ersoy's choreography to Arturo Marquez's music, royalty and dignity are symbolized by red, which is representative of male-female relations, while the dance of black symbolizes power and nobility.

When: Oct. 12.

Where: Ankara State Opera and Ballet

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