Syrian contemporary artwork on display in Istanbul

Published 18.10.2017 00:22
Updated 18.10.2017 00:25
Syrian contemporary artwork on display in Istanbul

Syrian Contemporary Painting Art exhibition, "Yakın Bir Yer" ("A Close Place"), from the Kelimat Collection of Syrian contemporary artists, was opened on Oct. 12 at Istanbul Ayvansaray University Plato Art. The Kelimat Collection, which was established in the early 1990s, comprises of more than 2,055 works belonging to Middle Eastern artists. Especially focusing on painted work, the collection hosts artists from various disciplines.

The exhibition, which is displayed at Istanbul Ayvansaray University Plato Art, features paintings focusing on tragedy, violence, destruction along with love, beauty and hope.

In this sense, the exhibition comments on the different faces of painting in Syria, which is shaken by war, and it presents a part of the rich world of Syrian contemporary painting. Contemporary Syrian artists, such as Akrem Zave, Alaa Sharabi, Hani Mazhar, Ibrahim Brimo, Imam Hasbani, Sabhan Adam, Mohammad Zaza, Ruba Khwes, Zain Alahmad, Ibrahim Alhasoun, Khayyam Zedan, Rouba Hamzeh and Tammam Azam have the opportunity to exhibit their artworks and introduce Syrian cultural heritage and Syrian history at the exhibition. Prepared by Marcus Graf, the continuous curator of Plato Art, the exhibition can be visited until Dec. 24.

When: Until Dec. 24

Where: Istanbul Ayvansaray University Plato Art

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