Pera Museum offers special exhibition tour and talk for Teachers' Day

Published 20.11.2019 17:51
The guided exhibition tour will be followed by a talk at Pera Museum.
The guided exhibition tour will be followed by a talk at Pera Museum.

In celebration of Teachers' Day on No. 24, the Pera Museum in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district is set to host a number of teachers for a guided tour of their exhibition, as well as a talk entitled "1 Teacher, 1 Discipline."

Organized in coordination with Pera Learning, the museum's educational program, the Teachers' Network, and the City Detective, teachers will get the chance to get better acquainted with the Pera, while benefiting from a two-hour talk on the concept of the "Child-Friendly City" in the context of learning environments such as schools and art spaces.

Pera Museum Learning Programs organize events and workshops welcome to various age groups. The guided exhibition tours and talk will take place between 05.00 p.m. to 08.00 p.m. on Nov. 22. Teachers can expect to learn about the museum's Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation collection exhibitions and gain experiences that can be transferred to students. In the second part of the program, the speech titled "1 Teacher, 1 Discipline" aims to provide a new perspective to the participants considering that a child-friendly city would be a place where everyone can live happier lives. At the meeting, the concept of "Child-Friendly City" will be investigated within the framework of urban belonging by Gizem Kıygı - a city planner and urban historian - and Şirin Giyik of the Teacher Network Change Ambassadors. The talk, focusing on raising awareness of the child's relationship network with the environment, will seek answers to a number of questions such as "How can we make a city child-friendly?," "How much does our current urban experience overlap with the convention on the rights of the children and other international conventions?" and "What is the role of learning environments, including schools and arts venues, in this experience?"

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