Highlights of winter training programs at Odunpazarı Modern Museum

Published 05.01.2020 15:15
Highlights of winter training programs at Odunpazarı Modern Museum

Odunpazarı Modern Museum, the meeting point of Eskişehir, presents a dynamic and versatile winter program including various activities from seminars to yoga events for people of all ages

Since it was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last September, the Odunpazarı Modern Museum (OMM) has drawn huge crowds, earning it a prestigious Ministry of Culture and Tourism award.

The museum is located in Eskişehir's Odunpazarı district, which is famous for its iconic Ottoman-era houses. The OMM building was designed by the famous Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates (KKAA) and takes inspiration from Ottoman dome architecture, traditional Japanese architecture and Odunpazarı's civil architecture. The OMM has seen some serious interest from art lovers and visitors since it opened on Sept. 7.

The museum's current center of attraction is an installation by famous Japanese bamboo master, Tanabe Chikuunsai. Besides, the OMM is also home to the work of Marshmallow Laser Feast, one of the world's leading digital art collectives that combines technology, data science and art, pushing the boundaries of virtual reality.

It also organizes workshops and seminars to transform the structure into a place where everyone can visit and have an enjoyable time.

The OMM aims to get out of the static structure of museums, with its dynamic and versatile program. It has emerged as Eskişehir's artistic meeting point with its winter education program that runs through December, January and February.

The museum's experienced training team took into account different age groups, including children, students, young people, adults and families, as well as their interests to formulate the OMM's Winter Training Program.

In an attempt to transform the museum and its resources into learning opportunities for all, as well as to improve the cultural development and artistic accumulation of young people, OMM's winter training program will feature guided tours, workshops, adult programs, artist workshops, seminars, yoga events and family programs.

OMM is an indispensable stop during cold winter days, thanks to its specially designed programs, contents for the New Year and the semester break, making it an ideal space for visitors to enjoy acquiring new information, as well as learning and sharing.

Artist workshops

The winter program of artist workshops, aimed at meeting and producing with artists, consists of Tunca Subaşı's gastronomy workshop "The Memory of Food" on Jan. 25-26. It will be followed by a sculpture workshop by Seçkin Pirim and Ebru Döşekçi on Feb. 15.

Youth and children programs in semester break

The OMM will also hold specially designed workshops for children of different age groups during the upcoming semester holiday. Among the events are, "Tales from the Museum" (4-6 years), "Special Toy Workshop for Semester Holiday" (4-6 years), "Special Museum Game Workshop for Semester Holiday" (7-10 years and 11-14 years), "Yoga for Children" (4-6 years and 7-10 years), "Sculpture Workshop for Children" (7-10 years), "Music and Advanced Transformation Workshop for Children" (7-10 years) and "Shadow Workshop for Children" (11-14 years).

Guided tours

Visitors can also take advantage of separate guided tours, designed for children, young adults, students, adults, families and adults over the age of 65, to get to know the works closers with different narrative techniques. For booking and detailed information please visit egitim@omm.art.

Family programs

Families with children will have the opportunity to spend a weekend full of art at some of the workshops organized as part of OMM's Family Program. A minimum of three and a maximum of eight children, accompanied by an adult from their family will be able to participate in the program, which is specially designed for different age groups. the Family Program includes Tales from the Museum Workshop and Light workshop.

Yoga Meetings at the Museum

With a beginners-oriented curriculum, OMM's Yoga Meetings at the Museum invites those who want to start yoga or move into professional yoga. The yoga program is specially designed for those who want to enjoy a unique experience in the mystical atmosphere of the museum. It takes place every Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. throughout the year.

Great interest from visitors in award-winning modern museum

The OMM recently won the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's prestigious award, given since 1979 as an expression of gratitude to those who have contributed to Turkey's art and cultural heritage with their original works, applications, interpretations or scientific research.

OMM was one of two institutions, besides Antakya Choir of Civilizations Association, that one the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Special Award for 2019.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency (AA), Museum Communications Director Bengü Kırkız Ergüven said they have seen a great interest from local and foreign tourists, as well as the city's own people since the museum was opened in September.

"OMM is of great value to Turkey and Eskişehir, with its architecture and artworks. We hold training programs. Schools visit our museum and explore the artifacts accompanied by our guides. We have workshops and art meetings for children. We've had over 90,000 visitors so far."

She said they have received positive responses from the visitors. "We have visitors who have never visited a museum before, as well as those who do art professionally and people who have made it an area of interest. We get feedback from each of them expressing their appreciation in a different but always positive way. Our visitors tour the museum with admiration which makes us happy," said Ergüven.

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