The definitive list of expat-interest blogs on Turkey

Published 26.10.2017 20:59
Updated 26.10.2017 21:09
Eat Out
Eat Out

Discovering Turkey through the eyes of expats is a good starting point to have a peek inside the culture and social life of the country, so Daily Sabah has compiled the most popular expat blogs for you

Blogs and their personal narratives provide an indispensable method to learning about different places and experiences. Therefore, what better way is there to learn more about this country we call home than through the eyes of an expat and from the comforts of our couch!

The following is a list of the best blogs on Turkey:

The Classics

Istanbul Inspired

"Istanbul" is a captivating blog about travel, food and history written by Emily, a native New Yorker and interactive designer who has been living in and blogging about Istanbul since January 2015 that is well worth checking out at

Inside Out in Istanbul

Australian expat Lisa Morrow is the author behind the prolific blog "Inside Out in Istanbul" and is both extremely entertaining and contains a wealth of information, which should come as no surprise since Lisa is also the author of three books on Turkey as well as an audio walking tour of Kadıköy. Check out

Back to Bodrum

Anne is a British expat who returned to Bodrum decades after her first time visiting and describes her rural-esque life in what was once a sleepy fishing town turned-Rivieran metropolis in a heartfelt and entertaining manner. Visit

Roving Jay

Roving Jay is also penned by a British expat relaying her day-to-day experiences in a new life in Bodrum as well as sharing advice on blog and travel writing, as she also has a number of guidebooks on the region under her belt. Visit to check them out.

Captivating Cappadocia

"Captivating Cappadocia" is a lively blog started by Duke, an American expat residing in the fairy chimney paradise, which also has visiting bloggers and serves as an excellent guide on the region. Check it out at:

Turkey Travel Planner

Perhaps the most prolific website on travel in Turkey with over 5,000 pages on the subject, "Turkey Travel Planner" has pretty much all the information you would need to navigate the country, which should come as no surprise as it is penned by travel writer Tom Brosnahan, who has written for travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Frommer's and Berlitz. Visit

Turkish Travel Blog

Turkish Travel Blog is written by Natalie Sayin, a British expat who ended up in Didim on the Aegean Coast, who blogs extensively about her experiences traveling throughout the country while also offering sound expat advice, which you can find at:

My Travelling Joys

Once called My Turkish Joys, but now, "My Travelling Joys," this blog by an American pastry chef expat focuses more on cuisine and is an enjoyable read at

Katrinka Abroad

The stunning travel and photography blog "Katrinka Abroad" takes readers on a trip through this American expat's eyes of Istanbul, greater Turkey and wherever she visits at

Faye Rogan

Author and expat Faye Rogan discusses love in Turkey at

Seasonal Cook in Turkey

"Seasonal Cook in Turkey" is a widely popular blog on cooking started up by Claudia Turgut, a British expat who then handed over the reins to another culinary enthusiast expat, Lulu Witt, who has respectfully taken on the honors. Be tantalized at

Eating Out

The Istanbul Lite

"The Istanbul Lite" is a beautiful blog containing recommendations of where to eat and what to do in Istanbul as well as enticing recipes for both healthy and comfort food complimented by beautiful photography. Grace, the blog's London-native author has been living in Istanbul for a year and a half with her half-Turkish, half-Yemeni husband and also has a YouTube channel called Grace Bakes filmed in Istanbul where she prepares a mixture of healthy and not-so-healthy treats. Check out

Eat Out Istanbul

"Eat Out Istanbul" is an Instagram blog by two expats on the quest to find the best places to eat. Both hailing from Pakistan, Sarosh Syed and Sitara Chawla have been in Istanbul for nearly five years and started up the blog a year ago. The site has mouthwatering imagery coupled by reviews and even a point system rating service, food and value for money. Check them out at:



"Everberries" is an enthralling blog of musings penned by Razan, a Lebanese expat who moved to Istanbul this year at

Have Some Color

"Have Some Color" is a newer blog written by Mihaela, a Transylvanian expat in Istanbul, with sections on travel, yummies and photography at

Simply Human

Written by Mariliis, an Estonian expat in Istanbul, "Simply Human" shares travel tips, expat advice and entertaining inspirational stories and is well worth a stroll at

Takeoffs and Meanderings

"Takeoffs and Meanderings" is a blog about travel, history and art by Caroline, an American expat, writer and teacher living in Istanbul. Check it out at

Eco-friendly Building Techniques

Ionia Guest House

Australian expat Jason Noble is the eloquent author of this entertaining blog that details his exit from a life of academia in 2014 to build and open the "Ionia Guest House" in Aydin's Germencik with his wife Sirem, which they did this May. Their story is also featured in an episode of the U.K. production Our Dream Hotel, but the blog is nearly just as vivid. You can find it at

The Mud Home

Atulya is a British expat, author and earth bag building expert, who built her own home in Olympos, which she details in her blog "Mud Mountain." She recently set out by caravan across Europe after spending nearly two decades in Turkey, an experience she also shares in her blog "On the Road." Both are in depth, enthralling and wonderfully written and you can find them on

Natural Design and Building

"Natural Design and Building by Chris Shaw" is a newer blog by a seasoned expat and Los Angeles native who has been in Turkey since the millennium building eco-friendly and beautiful constructions in locations such as Kabak Valley in Fethiye and Seferihisar in Izmir. Check it out at

Real Estate

There are two real estate-focused websites that also have active blogs written by a number of contributors that have a wealth of information of interest to anyone on Turkey. Visit and


We Love Istanbul

"We Love Istanbul" serves as a compelling online magazine, with a wide variety of writers on topics having to do with Istanbul at

The Outspoken Travel Guide Book

"The Outspoken Travel Guide Book" aka Atdaa, is a refreshing guide of cities all over the world, placing a heavy emphasis on Turkey with over 200 posts by expats and visiting foreign alike. Check it out at

Istanbul Eats

Started up by two expats, Istanbul Eats has since not only exploded into books and Culinary Backstreets, a website covering multiple cities, but they also offer culinary walking tours in Turkey and numerous write-ups by expats at

Turkey Central

"Turkey Central" serves as an excellent online portal for expats. Started up by an expat and contributed to by countless, there is also an active forum if you have any questions to pose yourself at

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