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ARDA SAYINER @ardasayiner
Published 07.11.2015 00:46
Updated 07.11.2015 00:50
Hermes's accessories has created a colorful effect on classic suits.
Hermes's accessories has created a colorful effect on classic suits.

Men's fashion seems quite active this fall. Guys walk Istanbul's streets in unique style, with winter sunglasses, light boots and trench coats. Inspiring menswear brands lend us a hand in this transitional season, when I have no idea what to wear at all.

The Formenti brand is one of the remarkable representatives of this chic trend and has particularly attracted my attention lately.

Formenti uses Egyptian cotton, which only grows along the Nile river.

They are the retail brand of Çelik Makas, established in 1975 and named after Italian Mario Formenti. Entering the industry with the Galeria shopping mall in 2011, the brand has eight branches today and invites shoppers to corner stores in Italy, Russia and Ukraine. The short-term goal of the brand is to expand retail abroad. Its fall/winter collection is quite modern. The accessories are handmade and compatible in many different combinations. But the main area where they make a world of difference is in the quality of their cotton. The brand uses 100 percent Egyptian cotton for its products, which only grows alongside the Nile. This cotton is produced under the highest standards and certified with specialized control of the Egyptian government. Named after the colossal Pyramid, Giza cotton is used in Formenti's particularly promising tricot and polo neck products. You feel the quality of the fabric the moment you touch them.

The head of the Italian design team and an heir to the brand is İrem Çelik. I particularly loved the knitted jeans, knitted ties, knitted jackets and handmade shoe designs. The midnight teal, scarlet, maroon and cherry tones they use this season are elegant and assertive. Other than outerwear, pajamas and socks supplement the brand's range. I say you immediately try out Formenti's products which use the slogan: "The Transformation of Cotton into Art."

Another brand that caught my attention was the famous French brand, Hermes. Hermes has shared its 2015 fall-winter season menswear collection, which is created using blue and black tones, with trend-setters and brand fans. The collection privileges casual wear and leather jackets and is completed with chic leather shoes. Patterned ties and bowties offer accessories that form a colorful and attractive look with classic suits. Hermes is ready for the upcoming winter with convenient leather and similar alternative products. Visit its Nişantaşı store as soon as you can.

As for fragrances, the most trending scent this fall happens to be Chanel Bleu. The cologne attracts attention with its dark blue bottle design and magnetic lid and also has a long-lasting scent. Challenging us with the motto, "Be Unexpected," the cologne, in my opinion, is the most lasting fragrance for men Chanel has produced to this day. Taking into consideration that the cologne is the first men's fragrance the brand has released in 10 years, we may recommend ladies who are fond of Chanel to buy this cologne for the men in their lives. It features labdanum, nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, mint, jasmine, grapefruit, citruses, vetiver, incense, cedar and pink pepper. For those of you who are wondering, patchouli is a plant known for lengthening the lasting effect of the scent. Bleu is a valuable fragrance, first released in summer but postponed to winter due to its heavy scent, it is already the most trending cologne of the fall this year. I say you try it the first chance you get.

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