Turkish designer brings Black Sea breeze to New York catwalk

Published 13.09.2017 00:31

Turkish designer Numan Ataker, who is known for his brand John Paul Ataker in the world fashion scene, presented his brand-new collection at New York Fashion Week on Monday.

Ataker's stunning collection was in largely black and ivory, with clever wicker quilt detailing and golden sail rope embellishment and belts, referring to the rich cultural heritage of the Black Sea region of Anatolia.

Authentic assets of the region are incorporated into Ataker's signature gowns, dresses and separates designed for daily and formal wear. Inspired by native and traditional garments of the people, "cepken" (bolero jackets), shalwar (baggy pants), peshtemal (loincloth), and waistcoats have been modified for the collection in a range of fabrics spanning from cotton to linen, organza to jacquard and viscose finalized by hand sewn needlework.

Inspired by the Black Sea region of Turkey, the show, which was walked by Dayana Mendoza, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Hill, Lameka Fox, Faretta and Birgit Kos, was choreographed to honor the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Last season, Ataker featured the cultural attires of the Yezidi women in his show.

Ataker will open his first U.S. flagship store on Madison and 67th Street in New York next month.

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