Trendiest way to get cozy: Oversize it!

Trendiest way to get cozy: Oversize it!

The bigger the better philosophy applies to all industries out there, but its best interpretation is perhaps in fashion which has been ruled by oversize coats, pants and sweaters for a couple of winters now

In these cold winter days, there is no feeling we desire more than being cozy all the times. The combination of soft, baggy pajamas, hot beverages and a movie to entertain is everyone's coziest dream. However, this dream gets interrupted when one has to leave their home. Or does it? Actually, no, thanks to one particular trend of the fashion world, oversized clothing.

Although the oversized trend has been on the rise since the beginning of the 2010s, it reached its peak with the spring/summer 2017 season and has continued to enjoy its domination over the fashion world since then. When we say oversized everything, we literally mean sizing up nearly every fashion piece one can think of. Coats, sweaters, scarfs, pants, bags, belts, hats and even earrings... they all got their share of the trend and become staple items in our wardrobe.

As a matter of fact, enlargening clothes is not a new idea for the fashion industry. Since the 1920s, particularly with the liberation movement in women's clothes, oversized items started to appear in fashion designers' creations. In the 1960s, the trend showed its influence mostly on sunglasses while in the 1970s it took the form of masculinity in women's fashion.

Diane Keaton's iconic style in Woody Allen's "Annie Hall," in which she wore a man's suit in her unique way, influenced the fashion perception of women, contributing to the liberation in the fashion world. Keaton's style proved that women can also wear baggy pants and ties, not to show that emphasizing womanly features is bad but to show that a woman should be able to wear whatever she wants and if she does so, she can pull it off successfully. When it comes to the 1990s and early 2000s, on the other hand, the hip-hop and R&B world contributed to the trend with their large hoodies and loose pants, giving the trend more of a casual vibe.

Today, oversized pieces are seen not only as casual, everyday clothes but also as a comfortable and easy way of looking chic and even classy sometimes, depending only on how you style it.

One of the biggest concerns with an oversized item is if it will make you look bulkier than you are. The key to overcome this problem is to reach a balanced look with your oversized item. Some even argue that this trend establishes an excuse for people to gain even more weight since they can cover it too easily.

First of all, choose one of your clothing items from the oversized section of your wardrobe and combine it with tighter clothing items. For example, if you wear an oversized sweater, team it with skinny jeans and simple accessories such as a long delicate medallion necklace and voila, you have a balanced and effortless look. Another styling tip is to tuck your oversized sweater into your trousers, which makes the look cooler than it already is while contributing to the balance. The same trick also applies vice versa: You wear a boyfriend jean, or a loose jean, with a tight, turtleneck top and wesr your hair up in a bun.

Another concern is being drowned in these clothes, especially if you have a petite physique. The biggest example to prove this concern wrong is the Olsen twins, whom, for some, publicized and pioneered the oversized trend more than anyone else. They may be the definition of a petite woman in terms of their physique and yet, manage to pull off oversized coats, sweaters and even scarfs like no other. Their secret is to show little pieces of skin by, for instance, wearing ankle-height pants or twisting their sleeves up. The same goes for coats and jackets and even jeans as well, since you can also twist the lower parts of your trousers to keep your outfit balanced.

The oversized trend not only opened up the men's wardrobe to women, by enabling them to wear their boyfriend's jeans or daddy's coats, but also brought comfort back to the fashion world by combining casual and cozy with chic and trendy. Despite the constant dynamism of the fashion world, the trend is not expected to slow down in 2018 since it is highly embraced by women from all over the world, which is a success not all trends the fashion industry has offered us so far have managed to achieve.

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