Trend alert: Tricky to style spring, summer fashion pieces

Published 10.04.2018 23:08 Modified 11.04.2018 01:03
Trend alert: Tricky to style spring, summer fashion pieces

It is that time of the year when you cannot find anything to wear, as it is hard to adjust your closet to the upcoming season but do not worry, you can be the fashionista in the room with these trendy pieces

One of the reasons why fashion is so appealing is that it never stops renewing itself. Whether you are in the fashion world or just an admirer of fashion itself, you do not have the luxury of being monotonous and boring. You have to be always dynamic, innovative and brave to keep up with the rhythm of the industry. Thanks to this over-the-top tempo, the industry presents itself with a host of new trends each season without missing anything, which, for the average consumer, makes things harder to keep up with, especially in the mid-season. Even if you spot a trend, it is quite tricky to figure out how to incorporate it into a combination without moving away from your own style. For this season, the trendy pieces that we have to consider are loose pants, chiffon dresses, and suits/overalls, which are all so familiar but quite tricky to combine properly at the same time. The good news is, however, this season, the pieces that we are dealing can be styled up or down as easily as we wish, making them multifunctional for more than one occasion.

Baggy, loose pants made with thin material

Nowadays, it is hard to walk around a mall and see a window without a number of loose pants on display. There are a number of different loose pants with various patterns, lengths and styles. However, there are also some patterns among all the loose pants. First, obviously, they are all loose, baggy and designed to be comfortable, although whether or not that loose nature will continue until the lower part of the pants varies. Another pattern is the fact that all of these loose pants are produced with some of the thinnest materials that one can think of, making them the most powerful candidate for being a staple piece for hot summer days. Yet, being too comfortable and thin makes these pants quite hard to combine since you can easily look like you are wearing pajamas and appear to have a distorted body shape.

The way to avoid that "not so flattering" look is to combine it with pieces that amp up the pants. One of the simplest but most flattering clothing pieces is a simple, white T-shirt and it can be your savior in preparing a combination for your baggy pants, just like it is in numerous other cases. After you wear your white T-shirt with your pants, it is up to you if you want to reach for more of a classy, fancy look or casual, sporty look. For both, you can use proper, thin jackets. Other key fashion piece for loose pants is to use belts to define your body shape more. As a matter of fact, many loose pants have matching belts that are attached to them, which you can make a ribbon with. However, for the others, using a thick belt on top of the pants or a thin one over your jacket would reshape your body which might easily look wider and flat with a baggy pants. Similarly, for your shoes, wear a sneaker or stilettos, depending on your preference for being fancy or casual, since loose pants can go with either one effortlessly.

Blake Lively

Chiffon dresses: Irreplaceable trend

Thin, colorful dresses are the trendiest fashion pieces for every summer. However, for this summer, even the material of the fabric is strictly defined. Every fashion brand produces tons of chiffon dresses with loads of patterns, particularly flowered, buttoned ones. Compared to loose pants, chiffon dresses are easier to combine with other pieces. However, the problem with them is to find one that fits your body perfectly. As far as the bottom half is concerned, there is not much to think about since generally they are wide and flared. However, there is high chance that the ones that fit your bottom half perfectly might be tighter or looser on top. For the former, the thing to do is to wear a white or black shirt or vest underneath and open the first few buttons almost until your belt. However, be careful since opening the buttons may easily give the dress a casual look rather than fancy look. Yet, there is no casual outfit that can become fancier with the help of some necklace pieces. Still, if you enjoy the casual look, then roll up your sleeves and put your sneakers on to complete the look. If the vice versa happens and the top part of the dress becomes loose on you, then, what you need to do is bear in mind your best fashionista friend; a good, old belt. In contrast to opening the buttons, this step can make your look fancy, yet not an overly classy one, but a girly, summery one. If you like to amp it up even more, wear straw wedge heels and a straw, wide hat to complete the look.

Being matched with suits and overalls

Lastly, this season, stores are filled with matching clothes. You can see pants, jackets, shirts, dresses even shoes and bags, with the same patterns. Although one may prefer to use all of these pieces separately, as a matter of fact, it is a 2018 trend to wear matching clothes from top to bottom, especially when it comes to patterned pieces and the easiest way to do it, of course, is by wearing a suit or overalls. However, when you wear matching clothes, you can easily look too overwhelming since your outfit may strain the eyes.

The key to avoiding this tiring appearance is to keep everything else simple, including your makeup and hairstyle. For instance, if you wear a suit with quite colorful and complex patterns like flowery, batik or ethnic, try to choose other pieces all in the same color. Avoid accessories, especially jewelry. Use a natural, earthy-toned makeup and style your hair in a cool, simple way like a bun on the top of your head. If your suit, however, has more of a simpler pattern like stripes or polka dots, in navy and white, for instance, you can choose another one of your fashion pieces to stand out; like wearing yellow shoes underneath, while keeping the other elements of your outfit s as simple and invisible as possible, once again.

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