Summer closet essentials: Avoid heat with the right pieces

Published 13.06.2018 23:00
Updated 13.06.2018 23:03
Summer closet essentials: Avoid heat with the right pieces

Since we can't escape the sun's rays, the next best thing we can do is to choose the right clothing that will keep us cool, in the most stylish way possible

Summer is finally here! The Sun is shining all day, birds are singing non-stop and people are excited to welcome the vacation season and enjoy the benefits of summer as much as possible. However, there is one giant obstacle that overshadows the beauty of summer as well as people's enjoyment of it - the heat.

Regardless of whether it's due to global warming or the natural way of the season, it is a fact that even in these early days of the summer, the heat can reach an unbearable point easily. It also brings humidity and its side effects with it, namely, sweat, smell, and the burdens of heat and heat exhaustion.

We as people have to deal with of the downside of the season as well. Our clothes unfortunately make everything harder due to either their fabrics, cuts or styles. As a matter of fact, sometimes even the idea of wearing a certain kind of cloth can be the reason for heat exhaustion alone. Since the option of being naked is usually out of the question, there is only one way to overcome the enemy called heat and have an enjoyable summer: picking the right types of clothing that enable you to breathe freely all summer long.

The staple rule of every summer closet is to stick with certain fabrics, ones that are 100 percent natural, such as linen or poplin. Synthetic fabrics, like chiffon, are preferred by both the producers and consumers since it is cheaper and more durable. Yet, during summer, they actually make you sweat more and can be quite smelly at some point which may lead to irritation on the body. Therefore, investing in few clothes with natural material rather than buying loads of clothes with synthetic fabrics is smarter during the summer months. Among natural fabrics, the one that is my personal favorite is cotton. In summertime, (and to be honest throughout the year as well) cotton is your best friend in every piece of clothing from t-shirts to pants, dresses to jackets. The fabric itself breaths, takes the air in easily, does not cling to your body when you sweat and most importantly it is comfortable. Have some staple pieces for your summer closet such as a white, buttoned shirt that would make life easier for you throughout the season.When the fabric is chosen, the next step is to choose the style of the clothing that somehow manages to be both comfortable and stylish while also adaptable to multiple occasions. Well, it might seem that these are too much to ask from a one piece of cloth. However, we are in summer so we have neither the time nor energy to deal with a cloth that might cause problems. Therefore, we can proudly approach the miracle piece that is able to fulfill these high expectations of ours: a nice, thin summer dress.


Dresses save us in the summer since they are comfortable, soft and flow with the subtle summer breeze gently. Yet, the most important quality of dresses is the fact that they are easy to combine for various occasions. That is to say, with the same dress, one can go to work, for shopping, to the grocery store, to school, the beach and a fancy restaurant easily. All you have to do is to play with your accessories. For example, let's assume that you have a knee-high floral dress. When you go to work, wear stilettos, a thin, fancy belt and small earrings with your hair tied up. If you are going to school, make a messy bun with your hair, do not wear any jewelry and complete your style with flat shoes and a small back-pack. For the fancy restaurant, what you need to do is to wear high-heeled open shoes, big, long earrings, a small necklace and style your hair to be shiny and wavy. See? Dresses are the best. You can easily wear them and leave the house without too much thought.

Since one also needs some pants in her life, it is mandatory to find some that will go along with the summertime weather. Although jeans usually are the most convenient types of pants, as far as the summertime is concerned, they tend to be a bit sticky and sometimes even thick. As the material of jeans becomes thinner, it also becomes more vulnerable and can easily be worn off. Therefore, it might be a good idea to come up with a functional alternative to them for just a few months, such as, flared trousers with natural materials. In most ways, they are just like the dresses: easy to combine, breathable, thin, and suitable for everyday use. When they are combined with white, simple shirts and some sneakers, they can easily be the queen of the everyday street style. Yet, with some stilettos, a thin jacket (without a lining, of course), a big wide necklace and a tight bun on the top of the head, they can also be the king of the style that we call smart-casual. See? They can be both king and queen at the same time, which is an unbeatable quality.

Two trends you need to try this summer

Frills / Ruffles:
It seems that this summer we will see frills and ruffles so much that we will be sick of them. However, until then, it is the perfect time to jump into the bandwagon and include some frilled/ruffled pieces in our closets. They are basically EVERYWHERE, from tops to bottoms, dresses to even pants, it is almost impossible to avoid them. So, naturally, the main rule is to avoid what all the brands on the market do and wear them on a smaller scale rather than combining with each other. For example, instead of wearing a ruffled neck blouse and combining it with a frilled skirt, try to use one piece at a time. Wear that blouse with basic jeans and a stiletto while wearing that skirt with a basic shirt and sandals underneath.

Transparent purses: Despite being the baby of the fashion world for quite some time now, the transparent purse trend seems to have pride of place for a bit longer. Yet, no matter how cute they are and how long they have been on the market, it is a reality that using these pieces is not everyone's cup of tea. Especially for the ones who love to choke up their purses with whatever they find with the concern that these things might be needed one day, these purses are a nightmare since they show everything inside. Therefore, the way to use these purses is simple: be as tidy and as minimalist as possible. Have a wallet, small make-up bag, mobile phone, napkin, wipe and whatever else you want but with the consideration in mind that the less is the better. Lastly, try to avoid combining transparent bags with another trend, transparent shoes - since they match - and matching in this way is outdated and your bag must be the main star of your outfit.

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