Floating through Anatolia: The Ultimate rafting experience in Turkey

Published 02.05.2017 00:17
Updated 02.05.2017 00:18
Floating through Anatolia: The Ultimate rafting experience in Turkey

With rafting season about to get underway, watersport lovers have already started their boundless search for new scenic water spots to immerse themselves in new adventures

It's that time of year again, so pick up your paddles and get ready to join in on the exhilarating fun of a rafting trip. Offering an exciting array of activities, including rafting, canoeing, river kayaking and water skiing, Turkey has become a favorite spot among water sport enthusiasts. If the adrenaline rush isn't enough, the spectacular mountains, long rivers, lush green valleys and unique geography will inspire anyone who is in search of an outdoors adventure.

Köprülü River

Körpülü River, otherwise known as the Köprüçay River, is a favorite for rafting enthusiasts in Turkey. Hosting 5 million visitors annually, the Köprülü River starts in the town of Sütçüler in the Isparta district and runs all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya, passing through Köprülü Canyon National Park along the way. The river runs through a valley between the villages of Bolasan and Beşkonak, making it a haven for wildlife and a perfect site for nature lovers.

Çoruh River

The Çoruh River offers some of the world's most spectacular white water experiences. With its majestic backdrop of the Kaçkar Mountains, the river's pristine clear blue hue is absolutely breathtaking. A perfect site for rafting and kayaking, the 438-kilometer (272-mile) river starts in the Mescit Mountains and flows into the Black Sea in Georgia. With many interesting small towns and villages located along the river, the Çoruh River is famous for its five-day rafting trips. The Çoruh valley is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for history, cultural anthropology, art, sports and nature lovers alike.

Dalaman River

The Dalaman River, also called the Indos River, is located in southwest Turkey, close to the tourist resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye. Welcoming everyone with a passion for swimming, your journey down the Dalaman River will pass through eight waterfalls cascading down huge rock formations scattered over a 13-kilometer stretch. During the expedition, an ancient bridge and its charming village namesake, Akköprü, await you. The bridge features a charming ancient Greek inscription, "How lucky a man I am, to have built this wonderful bridge over this enchanting river." Any water lover should not miss the opportunity to raft the grade 3 and grade 4 rapids and the one-of-a-kind bridge that pays a lovely tribute to the river.

Fırtına River

Consisting of several streams on the Black Sea side of the Kaçkar Mountains, the Fırtına River runs 57 kilometers through country greenery, emptying in the Rize province. Featuring extremely rugged topography and fast water currents, this river's rapids range between 3 to 5 degrees. Adding to the beauty of the Fırtına, a group of more than 20 well-preserved Ottoman-era arched bridges cross the water and are a must see. While in the Rize area, be sure to drink lots of tea, as the region is the tea center of Turkey.

ZamantI River

The Zamantı River is the closest river to the famous Cappadocia region in Turkey. Located in central Anatolia, the Zamantı River crosses the Kayseri province for most of its journey. Following a curvy course through the narrow valleys and the cascades of the Taurus Mountains, the river is one of the most preferred rafting points in Turkey, particularly in its section around the town of Yahyalı. This stretch is given a grade 3 in the international scale of 1-6. As one of the most beautiful rivers for rafting, the Zamantı River flows through an impressive canyon before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

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