Become a better version of yourself with few lifestyle upgrades

Published 01.01.2019 00:00
Updated 01.01.2019 08:00
For a better future, start protecting nature in 2019.
For a better future, start protecting nature in 2019.

With the start of a new year, we have a chance to upgrade ourselves by changing our lifestyle and helping others around us

Every New Year's, we promise ourselves that we will keep our resolutions, but we almost never see them through. As we get older - and maybe a little bit wiser - keeping the promises we make to ourselves plays a more important role in our lives and future.

There is always room for improvement. One will never stop growing and becoming better as a person. Instead of making excuses, maybe it is time to make some real changes, to become a better version of ourselves, not because people tell us to, but because we can always do better.

#1 - Be open-minded

To discover the best version of yourself - your version 2.0 - be sure to open your mind and soul to change. It is important to welcome the change the future holds for you as well as the life experiences you gain over the years. In time, it comes to a point that change is inevitable. You might feel annoyed but in its core, it is the same as upgrading your phone. I remember seeing the first touchscreens and thinking that I could never write a text with them but now, I can't even remember what it was like when phones had buttons.

#2 - Protect nature, your future

Global warming is likely to be the greatest cause of species extinctions this century. In the last decade, we have seen the effects of climate change more than any other decade. With a 1-degree increase, the world has started to lose more and more species, and mankind has been struggling with hunger and many other natural disasters, forcing people out of their homelands. To stop global climate change and save our future as well as the future of other species, the duty falls all our shoulders. This year, start recycling and adopt energy-saving habits. If we want to save our planet and the future for our children, we can start changing our lifestyle at home. A better version of yourself for a better planet.

#3 - Donate to a charity

Giving is important. By giving your time or money to those in need, you might trigger more good in the world. Moreover, the knowledge that you're helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. This year, find a charity and people that you can give your time and money to and make the world a better place. There are numerous charities and nongovernmental organizations through which you can touch the souls of many with a little time and a smile on your face.

#4 - Leave food for the strays

The streets are home to millions of stray animals and by leaving a cup of food, you can make their lives easier.

I'm an Istanbulite and like everyone living in this huge city, I share the streets with four-legged residents. Stray cats and dogs have no other means of getting food except for digging through trash cans and they need our help the most. Although they are often ignored in the rush of everyday life, they never leave our sides, clinging to life through the generosity of others. To acknowledge the creatures that we share our cities with and offer a helping hand, this year make a habit of leaving food out for them.

#5 - Take care of your body

As we get older, we realize that physical health is the key to everything in life. Without a healthy body, you cannot continue to climb the stairs of a successful career or go on that trip that you have been waiting for. This year, start appreciating your health and take care of your body. Arrange an appointment for your long-awaited checkup or buy a gym membership that you will actually use.

#6 - Accept other people's help

Hosting the largest number of refugees in the world, Turkey has many volunteer groups that help the needy in a number of ways.

We all tend to be arrogant from time to time, thinking that we know better and that we can do everything by ourselves. However, it is not possible to be a know-it-all or do-it-all all the time. Don't let your pride get in the way. Accept a helping hand when you need it and appreciate people and celebrate them for being by your side.

#7 - Start saving money

This year I will be 29, which means I have one more year before 30, a threshold that some dread, while others embrace it with grace. I am a person who always believed that my 30s would be my decade to shine. I expect to have a successful career while growing my family and exploring the world. Since I'm someone who likes to be on the safe side, I better start saving money. Instead of throwing away money for take-out dinners and clothes that I will never wear once the trend changes, I plan to save money as much as possible so I can plan my future trips and adventures in advance - way in advance.

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