Turkey a 'safe haven,' says businessmen

Turkey a 'safe haven,' says businessmen

Turkish American Business Association President Zeynep Dereli, speaking at a press conference, said Turkey had become a "safe haven" for those who wanted to do business in the wider region.

During a press conference, the Turkish American Business Association (TABA/AmCham) president Zeynep Dereli remarked that commercial aspects of Turkey-U.S. relations are much more important than political aspects. She said that although commercial relations are on a constant rise, they have not yet reached a desirable level.

Dereli, who is the managing director of APCO Worldwide's Turkey office at the same time, stated any of the companies that they offer consultancy services to have not withdrawn from Turkey.

Emphasizing that American entrepreneurs want to make sizable investments in Turkey, Dereli added, "It is not true that foreign investors have pulled out from Turkey.

One of the largest companies to which we offer consultancy has invested much in Turkey. In October, one of its founders will be visiting Turkey and Kayseri. They particularly want to invest in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Additionally, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker will come to Turkey once again. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is also on the agenda of Turkey-U.S. relations. What is being discussed is whether Turkey will be included in this process, and if not, what can be done to not exclude it. One of the decisions, which were made during the ministerial meeting in Washington on May 14, was that no progress will be made on these matters without consulting Turkey and the Turkish government will always be informed of the developments.

What is more important is to continue to tell Turkey's vantage. "The most significant diversity that TTIP will present is the mutual offer of services; which means free transfer of services all across Europe, and the U.S. transfer a large number of service types in various fields, ranging from law to health, will gain currency. We should be pondering what Turkey can do in this particular case," she added.

Dereli posited that Turkey will hold an advantageous position in the face of the recent developments in neighboring countries and continued: "We have always recommended to investors that Turkey is an ideal country in the region for investment. Recent developments once again proved that Turkey is a safe port in the region in terms of labor force, political stability and business ethics. That is why foreign investors will use Turkey as a gateway to access these markets."

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