BIST surpasses 100,000 points, makes millionaires

Published 23.06.2017 21:47

Turkey's benchmark index jumped 0.69 percent to hit a historic high of 100,072.15 points at Thursday's closing. When the Borsa Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) skyrocketed to 100,000 points, increasing 1,518 points over the last month, with millionaires abandoning the stock exchange rushed back and made a serious profit.

The number of Turkish domestic investors fell to 1.26 million from 1.34 million, while the number of millionaires in the stock exchange increased by 888.

Borsa Istanbul's BIST 100 index closed the day up 682.02 points compared to the previous closing day, with a total trading volume of TL 3.7 billion ($1.05 billion).

The banking and holding sectors surged 0.62 percent and 0.45 percent, respectively. Among all sectors, the food and beverage index was the best performer - up 2.98 percent - while the leasing factoring sector saw the biggest decline, falling 1.20 percent.

Shares of Yatas Bedding, a bedding and furniture company, gained the most, with an increase of 9.45 percent in value, while stocks of Net Turiz, which operates in the tourism sector, performed the worst, declining 2.02 percent.

The five most-traded stocks were national flag carrier Turkish Airlines, private lender Garanti, tire manufacturer Goodyear, private equity firm Gozde Girisim and a state lender Halkbank.

According to the Habertürk daily, the number of millionaires in the stock market surged to 5,100 and their assets rose by TL 7 billion and soared to TL 32.2 billion, with an upswing of 28 percent. The number of individuals having shares varying between TL 500,000 and TL 1 million, reached 5,455 from 5,303, and their assets rose to TL 4.5 billion.

Moreover, 9,180 individuals whose assets varied between TL 10,000 and TL 20,000 could not take advantage of this, either. The investors with shares varying between zero and TL 1 had declined by 12,000 percent in number, but have recently mobilized their dormant portfolio with the uptrend in the market. As a result, the number of people with a portfolio varying between TL 2 and TL 100 rose by 8,247.

In the past six months, foreigners, who hold a total of 64 percent in the Borsa Istanbul, gained a large share of the stock exchange's rising TL 67.5 billion of assets - which means that the shares in which foreigners invest gain more value.

The assets of foreigners in the stock exchange increased TL 48.5 billion, with a large part of this rise coming from the appreciation of the shares of funds, while Turks earned TL 19 billion from share sales. The shares of Turkish citizens soared to TL 54.3 billion from TL 45 billion, with Turkish companies earning TL 7 billion from the stock exchange rally. Turks earned TL 19 billion and foreigners earned TL 48 billion.

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