Gold value against lira hits record high

(IHA Photo)
(IHA Photo)

The value of gold hit a record high Monday at 163 Turkish lira ($41.3) per gram amid domestic and international worries due to uncertainty.

A quarter coin's price also rose to TL 265, with a full coin (Republic – Cumhuriyet gold) coming in at TL 1,081.

Gold value rose Monday morning to TL 162 before stabilizing at TL 161.7, rising again to TL 163 in the afternoon.

The rise in gold corresponded with a hike in the value of the U.S. Dollar, which hit 3.92.

Although euro fell as low as 4.55 on early Monday upon failure of Germany's coalition talks, it rose to 4.63 later in the day.

In international markets, gold was steady Monday with a 0.17 percent decrease to $1,292 per ounce.

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