Turkish gov't eases tradesmen's way to finance, international markets

Published 28.10.2019 00:00
Updated 29.10.2019 01:41

The Turkish government has drawn up a new strategy and action plan for tradesmen and craftsmen that includes new strategic goals that will benefit nearly 2.5 million tradesmen.

The Strategy and Action Plan for Tradesmen and Craftsmen will enable tradesmen to benefit from incentives further, according to Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, who said that access to finance and the international market will be made easier.

Emphasizing that they attach great importance to tradesmen, who constitute the backbone of Turkey's economic and social structure, the minister said that they continue to pave the way for tradesmen.

Indicating that the action plan is aimed at improving regulations for the business and investment environment, and developing occupational training systems, the minister stated: "We aim to boost the export potential and competitiveness of our tradesmen. On the other hand, we want to encourage innovation and ensure digital transformation for tradesmen."

Indicating that they train tradesmen and craftsmen to make them exporters, Pekcan stated that e-export trainings across the country, as well as market entry and branding training, will start in December. "In order to enable our tradesmen to open up to the world and make them a member of our export family, we will ensure that they benefit from our incentives for the Development of International Competition. We are about to finalize our work on changing legislation on this issue. With the Development of International Competition incentive, we will provide export-oriented training to our tradesmen and provide consultancy services they will need for foreign markets, especially through our cooperation organizations such as the (The Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen) TESK," the minister said.

Underlining that they will prepare tradesmen for the challenging conditions of global trade, Pekcan noted that market entry and branding training for tradesmen will begin in December.

"Our tradesmen will make headway in foreign markets in a short time (and stand out) with both their entrepreneurship and the quality of their products. Our first training session for those who will provide consultancy services will be given to the staff in charge within such associations in December. These trainings will continue in 2020," the minister said, adding that they aim to make a facilitative contribution to help tradesmen meet with their interlocutors abroad.

According to Pekcan, a survey evaluating the current situation of tradeswomen, the identification of their problems, needs and solution suggestions has been carried out within the scope of the action plan. Underlining that they will implement practices to pave the way for women to work in better conditions, she said that this will help increase the number of tradeswomen. Pekcan also pointed out that the concept of being a tradesman or a craftsman, which needs to be updated in line with today's needs, will also be redefined within the scope of the action plan.

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