Coffee as an excuse to travel

Spiced coffee: Morocco
Spiced coffee: Morocco

Coffee, in all its forms, is a daily pleasure and an alarm clock for many in Turkey. However, there are other kinds of coffees brewed with interesting ingredients in various regions of the world

Internationally known coffee brands are an indispensable daily pleasure for coffee addicts. Coffee breaks are an ideal time for joyful chats and meetings especially while traveling. Here are some examples from countries where you can taste coffee with some unique ingredients:

Spiced coffee: Morocco

Moroccan spiced coffee is one of the most unique tastes of spicy cuisine culture. Spices are frequently used in Morocco, including in food, medical remedies, dyes and many other areas. Coffee is the next product that goes well with spices. Many tourists show special interest in Moroccan coffee and Argan oil. Featuring different spices from black pepper and nutmeg to sesame and cinnamon, traditional spiced coffee is easily found in Morocco.

Egg coffee: Vietnam, Norway, Sweden and Hungary

Egg coffeeProbably the most interesting kind of coffee, egg coffee has an amazing taste - one that is better than expected. Egg coffee is mostly consumed in Vietnam, but you can also experience it in Norway, Sweden and Hungary. Vietnam, however, is where you can find the most tasteful one. To make the drink, first add sugar to an egg yolk and scramble the mix for five minutes. Then add famous Vietnam coffee and serve it. Egg coffee is rich in protein and you can add milk or jam to it as well.

Buna: Ethiopia

No matter if you are a coffee addict or not, everyone knows that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Many famous coffee brands around the world use Ethiopian coffee. It is also difficult to understand whether Ethiopians exaggerate their coffee consumption or not, as coffee is something that makes them happy. Both the preparation and consumption of Buna is reminiscent of a ritual. It is served in small cups and cooked in a big bowl over a coal fire. You will want more after you taste Buna for the first time.

Pharisaer: Germany

PharisaerAfter Turkish coffee, Pharisaer is presumably the best example to demonstrate how coffee is integrated in a country's culture. A legendary coffee trend, Pharisaer is a mix of coffee and alcohol. You warm up on the bohemian streets of Germany while drinking Pharisaer, the amazing blend of rum, drip coffee and scrambled cream.

Coffee with tea: China

Coffee with teaCoffee with tea is commonly consumed in China. To make it, you add coffee beans and milk to tea. Hong Kong is the main place where you can find the best places for coffee with tea. Turkish tea addicts will fall in love with it.

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