Hazelnut chips, a natural alternative to potato version

Published 30.11.2015 00:00
Hazelnut chips, a natural alternative to potato version

Food engineers at Hazelnut Research Institute (FAE) in Giresun have produced chips made of hazelnuts. The institute used hazelnut and wheat flour along with some spices in chips. Gökhan Kızılcı, the head of the FAE, said that they have initiated the project on producing hazelnut chips this year. "We have applied a different formulation. It is possible to make chips from hazelnut flour. The institute is currently working on producing chips with hazelnut pulp brought from hazelnut oil factories," he said, adding that they have achieved good results so far. Saying that parents are concerned about children's chips consumption, Kızılcı said hazelnut chips might be an alternative.

"Potato chips at supermarkets are generally considered unhealthy and many parents do not allow their children to consume chips frequently. Without any additives, the institute has produced hazelnut chips. It contains natural ingredients. We only used spices and hazelnut," he continued. Kızılcı called the attention of chips companies to introduce hazelnut chips to the market. "We are planning to increase revenue generated from hazelnut. Children can also consume more healthy chips in this way," Kızılcı concluded.

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