Spanish master of molecular gastronomy guest of Gastromasa

Published 07.12.2016 00:17
Updated 07.12.2016 00:18
Made by Andoni Luis Aduriz
Made by Andoni Luis Aduriz

An annual conference aiming to promote Turkish cuisine, while bringing local and foreign chefs together, is set to take place at CVK Park Bosporus Hotel on Dec. 10. Gastromasa will feature Michelin-starred chefs and prominent figures in gastronomy who will share their experiences with the attendees.

One of the "star chefs" who will visit Gastromasa is Andoni Luis Aduriz, the founder and chef of the world's seventh-best restaurant, Mugaritz, also an esteemed name in molecular gastronomy. Mugaritz's motto is "less is more" and Aduriz will explain its structure, as well as share his experiences in gastronomy and business. With a Michelin star rating of two, Mugaritz has been considered among the best restaurants in the world since 2006.

Star chef Aduriz, who will come to Istanbul on Dec. 10. "I have always stressed the fact that team work is what made my team successful. We work hard in solidarity. Our most outstanding characteristic is to have ordinary people who can accomplish incredible success although they are not at the forefront with their talents. This is what has made us who we are today," he said in a statement.

The work that Aduriz and his team do in their restaurant is considered quite innovative. Aduriz is known for his principle of making use of the gastronomic knowledge of the people around him, as well as different disciplines, in order to make his team more productive.

"When you desire to make different things and be more productive, you have to wait for 'the' moment. A time comes when all the question marks in your head disappear. When you feel that moment, you blend what you know with other disciplines. We began to work with artists, writers, choreographers, musicians and scientists 15 years ago. Seeing that working with people from other disciplines was successful, we started to work with people from other fields such as philosophers, sociologists and neuroscientists," Aduriz said.

He added that knowing what you do not want to do is healthier than realizing what you want to do and once you decide on this, all you have to do is work hard.

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