UNESCO listed Gaziantep cuisine on iftar tables

Published 13.06.2017 00:10
Updated 13.06.2017 00:13
UNESCO listed Gaziantep cuisine on iftar tables

Registered as the 8th cuisine of the world by UNESCO, Gaziantep cuisine adorns iftar and sahur tables throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Garnishing Ramadan tables with its fruitful and eye-pleasing dishes, Turkey's gourmet capital offers special menus for those who observe the Ramadan fast, consisting of regional recipes like yuvalama (a traditional soup prepared with meat, rice, farina and yogurt), içli köfte (stuffed meatballs), çiğ köfte (a spicy recipe prepared with bulgur) and kebab varieties. In the hours after iftar, a Gaziantep special called "beyran," which is a lamb-based broth with rice, is preferred as a soup. It is also consumed as a breakfast soup at other times of the year. For dessert on the other hand, the inevitable option is "baklava."

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, talking to Anadolu Agency (AA), stated that Gaziantep is one of the rare cities of the world - preserving the cultural richness it inherited from the Silk Route. Talking about the 500 kinds of stews peculiar to the city, Şahin added that the ingredients and spices produced in the region add a unique taste to Gaziantep recipes.

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