Man eats 10-meter pastry, wins TL 1,000

Published 09.10.2017 22:46

At the Traditional Börek Festival, which is an event dedicated to the popular pastry, a man ate a 10-meters, 80-centimeter long börek in the competition and won TL 1,000 ($270) as the prize.

For the competition, organizers prepared a 560-meter-long börek for 40 contesters. The winner was Yunus Günenç who ate almost 11 meters in eight minutes. He made a new record and won TL 1,000 and a holiday in Konya.

Speaking on the new record, the organizer of the festival said: "Last year, the winner was able to eat 5 meters and 15 centimeters. This year, we broke a new record. Our main goal is to promote our national pastry to the world."

Günenç, the record breaker, spoke very confidently, explaining: "I did not eat almost anything for the last three days to get ready for the competition. I would have eaten more if I didn't only have eight minutes."

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