Brazilian opens homemade chocolate shop in Ankara

Published 22.10.2017 21:37
Updated 22.10.2017 21:40
Brazilian opens homemade chocolate shop in Ankara

Brazilian Mara Cömertoğlu who married a Turkish gentleman and settled in Turkey's capital, Ankara, 15 years ago, realized her dream of opening up a chocolate house in Turkey.

Having educated on chocolate and coffee in her hometown, Cömertoğlu was working at the Brazilian Embassy in Ankara, she however quit her job to pursue her dream. She first set up a workshop four years ago and was amazed at people's interest in her work. Later on she introduced the first chocolate house in Turkey, "Nona," to chocolate lovers in Ankara.

Customers are welcomed with the menu that reads: "Starters: Enter the shop happy and leave happier. Main course: Love, more love. Desserts: Life is short, start with desserts." Everything in Cömertoğlu's shop is handmade. She works with a team of five who were educated in patisserie schools all over Ankara.

"People come here and ask for the 'fresh chocolate or Brazilian dessert.' They cannot always pronounce 'Brigadeiro' but I understand what they want," said Cömertoğlu.

For Cömertoğlu, chocolate tastes best when shared. "Chocolate is the best gift. People bring chocolate to wish a speedy recovery or to welcome the baby. There is always a good reason to share a good bar of chocolate."

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