Turkish restaurant owner in the Netherlands introduces new menu to world


Turkish entrepreneur Derviş Bengü, who lives and manages a restaurant in the Netherlands, has brought a breath of fresh air to the fast food world. His original combination coined "kapsalon" has become a favorite of Dutch fast-food consumers, and the reputation of the delicious combination has spread to the other European countries as well as to the U.S. and China.

After previously managing a restaurant in Aksaray, Istanbul, Bengü moved to Rotterdam and opened his own place. In 2003, he prepared a special order consisting of French fries, döner, Gouda cheese, salad and a special sauce for his neighbor and decided to add this combination to his regular menu.

"This combination first took off in other restaurants in Rotterdam and then spread to the other Dutch cities. After its popularity rose, it spread to Belgium, the U.S. and even India. I have just learned that kapsalon, which means 'all together' in Dutch, has been added to the menu of a restaurant in China," said Bengü.

As Bengü did not apply for a patent for his creation, other restaurants have been able to freely use the term kapsalon without paying royalties. However, those who know the original come out to Bengü's restaurant to visit him regularly.

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