Master of Cake festival in Istanbul to bake the world a better place

Master of Cake festival in Istanbul to bake the world a better place

Turkey's most extensive pastry festival Master of Cake, which will be organized for the fourth time this year, will be held for people of the pastry world in Istanbul on March 10-11. It is expected that nearly 500 pastry chefs will attend the international organization, which will be held under the sponsorship of the Foundation of Executives, Industrialists and Businessmen from Samsun (SAYSİAD).

In the previous events held in Samsun and Ankara provinces, 300 pastry chefs made very special cakes and were awarded accolades by the grand jury. At this year's festival in Istanbul, there will be shows featuring international chefs and training workshops, and pastry lovers can attend free of charge.

Pastry and art meet at this festival

At the festival, world-famous cake artist Daniel Dieguez and renowned Turkish chef Tuba Geçkil will perform a very special pastry show over the course of two days. The two master chefs will make giant cakes on huge platforms that will be tried for the first time in the world.

National team chefs Ebru Savaş and Nilay Bektaş Mağaralı will also present a special creation for attendees.

Attendees can join the free training workshops that will be provided by famous pastry chefs Ebru Savaş, Zülcenah Kunter and Nurcan Özkara in the festival, where booths of various brands will take place so that pastry lovers can both shop and enjoy their time.

Surprise at gala

On March 10, the first day of the festival, pastry chefs will present their cakes to the members of the jury. There will also be a special gala on the night of the first day, which will be a first in Turkey. A surprise cake that the chefs prepare will be sold by auction, and the proceeds will be donated to families of martyrs at the gala. On the second day of the festival, the presentation of the cakes will continue, and attendees will enjoy seeing them. The winner of the Master of Cake competition will be announced Sunday by the grand jury, comprising of Rita Dascenzo, Jeton Taravari, Tuba Geçkil, Bayram Özrek, Özlem Suryürekli, Zihni Türksel and head Daniel Dieguez. The festival will close with an award ceremony.

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