'From Women of the Land to Tables'

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Published 18.05.2018 23:48 Modified 18.05.2018 23:50
Totally fresh and regional flavors bought from woman producers all around Turkey took their places in the restaurant’s Ramadan and summer menu.
Totally fresh and regional flavors bought from woman producers all around Turkey took their places in the restaurant’s Ramadan and summer menu.

BigChefs, a popular restaurant chain in Turkey, is offering a special Ramadan menu prepared with products from self-employed female farmers in Turkey through their project ‘From Women of the Land to Tables'

The "From Women of the Land to Tables" project by BigChefs supports local female entrepreneurs. Collaborating with 14 entrepreneurs, the brand plans to increase this number to 50 by the end of the year. It also plans on buying half of its stock from female-owned business by 2021. Fresh and regional flavors from throughout Turkey are being featured in the restaurant's Ramadan and summer menus as part of the project.

BigChefs' founding partner, CEO Gamze Cizreli, said: "Since we opened, we have offered Anatolia's warmth by modernizing Anatolian dishes with Western styles. We made a point of always offering natural products directly harvested from the branch or soil. This approach inspired us to create our new social responsibility project 'From Women of the Land to Table.' We created this project to both thank the women who supply the fresh and natural products and to support female entrepreneurship and labor in our country. Together, we have prepared a very special menu for the month of Ramadan."

While discussing the project further, Cizreli added: "The women involved in this project are real people and each one of them has an inspirational story. Some got bored of city life and moved to a village; some were born in a village and produced, fed, bred and grew products through dedication and hard work. We all know it's hard to work with soil; nature has its own rules. We believe women understand soil the best. Therefore, we traveled around Anatolia and found women who understand what the soil says and listened to their real stories. For example, one of our cherry peppers suppliers, Rabia Yılmaz, has been farming since she was 10 years old, and today she is 68. The suppliers of our delicious tarhana, Sezin Çetin and Suzan Mantar, are sisters from Biga in Çanakkale province. Middle Eastern Technical University (ODTU) Business Department graduate Aslı Aksoy sends the asparagus she grows with love to us. There are many others. For our customers who prefer Anatolian products grown by female entrepreneurs, we have added the products of our local female suppliers to our menu. We have prepared a very special menu with the help of the women of the land. This way we are also creating awareness by increasing the placement and employment of women in the business world. In every aspect, we stand behind these women. We believe our guests will also enjoy our new menu that offers natural harmonized flavors."

Declaring 2018 as "Women's Year," BigChefs is also honoring female chefs in this year's Ramadan menu. Ebru Baybara Demir is the first Turk to be among the top 10 finalists for the Basque Culinary Prize, the world's most important culinary culture contest, and has prepared wonderful flavors for BigChefs. The menu includes flavors from Baybara, adapted from Mardin province where she was born and raised and the region around it. The iftar menu starts with yogurt soup with ground meat. It's quite traditional and nutritious. After this, a choice of stuffed lamb leg with almonds or baked chicken with allspice. Dried tomato salad with Urfa red peppers is added to these flavors afterward. The flavor feast is completed with molasses jelly with milk, which is again from Mardin. It's a light and pleasantly served dessert. The friendly and chic atmosphere of the restaurant chain accompanies the flavors. Even after the month of Ramadan, you can find different flavors made from the products of female suppliers throughout the summer months. I suggest you to try this special menu the first chance you get. I wish you all happy and fulfilling Ramadan.

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