Turkey's indigenous Posof apple seeks global recognition

Published 22.10.2018 19:15
Updated 22.10.2018 19:21
Turkey's indigenous Posof apple seeks global recognition

There is nothing exciting about an ordinary red apple. Once you peel its skin, it is a yellowish fruit that is nutritious and everything our mothers say is good for us. But the Posof apple from northeastern Turkey's Ardahan is one of a kind: It is red in both skin and flesh and more nutritious.

Because the apple is only grown in Ardahan, local academics and farmers want to request protection for its geographical indication (GI). They say the move will encourage more farmers to grow Posof apple.

Ardahan Trade and Industry Chamber (ATSO) Chairman Çetin Demirci said that they have prepared the necessary documents for the application process. They will soon be submitted to the Turkish Patent and Brand Institution (TURKPATENT).

"We are trying to raise awareness about this apple among farmers," Demirci said. He added that people are migrating from the district; if the GI is registered, he hopes, people will return.

Professor Şeref Kılıç, dean at the Faculty of Engineering of Ardahan University, said the apple grows only in Posof, but its production is slowly decreasing. "The university is providing technical support for the registration process," he said.

Professor Gülsün Akdemir Evrendilek from the same faculty said the apple is not just important for the region's economy, it is also beneficial for human health. It contains anthocyanin and antioxidants.

"It has a very high nutritional value," she said.

As for being a unique variety, academics have been looking into the benefits of Posof apple. They have found that the Posof apple can be good for diabetes. It is also rich in antioxidants, amino and folic acids, minerals and proteins. Posof apple paste can help relieve coughing. It is also said to boost the immune system.

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