Following international success, Black Food Festival in town

Published 08.06.2019 00:17
Visitors will be introduced to many black foods at the festival.
Visitors will be introduced to many black foods at the festival.

After some great success in Berlin, Budapest, Tel Aviv, Helsinki and New York, the Black Food Festival is coming to Istanbul. The festival was planned back in 2016 and after some planning and organization, the first Black Food Festival was held in November 2018. Now the festival will tour 20 cities around the world in 24 months. Besides the events, the festival organizers are also supporting franchise partners to host Black Food events all over the world.

The first festival debuted in Budapest and was a great success. It was followed by festivals in Berlin, Tel Aviv and Helsinki. The sponsors were the Swiss oral health professional Curaprox in Budapest and Fritz Kola, Zwack Unicum and ChariTea in Berlin, Zwack Unicum in Tel Aviv, Splat and Pumpernickel in Helsinki.

Now the festival is coming to Dorock XL Kadıköy a hip venue in Istanbul on June 9. In addition to local black foods and beverages, black design products and a magnificent party will also be part of the program.

Visitors will meet many black sweets and candies along with black hamburgers, black chocolate, macarons, ice cream, pasta, black beer, cocktails, coffee and other black products. The Black Food Festival organizers will welcome any partners and exhibitors fitting to the black concept.

During the event, well-known juries from the gastronomy field will judge the food made by the participants and choose "2019 Istanbul's Best Black Food" and "2019 Istanbul's Best Black Drink" from among them. Entrance is limited. So, buy your tickets from Biletix at once. Moreover, the festival will cheer the participants with a magnificent DJ Black Show.

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