Adana Delight Festival primed to offer great Mediterranean feast

Published 22.07.2019 00:02
The festival will introduce the local cuisine of Adana to Turkey and the world.
The festival will introduce the local cuisine of Adana to Turkey and the world.

The 3rd International Adana Delight Festival will be held under the theme of the ‘Great Mediterranean Feast' from Oct. 4 to Oct. 6, and it will bring the cuisine of Adana and Mediterranean together

Hosted by the Adana governorship, the 3rd International Adana Delight Festival will be organized from Oct. 4-6 this year. The event will welcome Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Spain, France, Tunisia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Greece along with South Korea, the guest country. With the theme the "Great Mediterranean Feast," the festival will bring together the local cuisine of Adana with the cuisine of the Mediterranean countries. It aims to introduce the local gastronomic values of the city to Turkey and the world and to develop tourism in the city.

The festival will also include workshops and shows by the guest countries as well as the rich, traditional Adana cuisine. The festival will be at Merkez Park in the city, and the event will have its finger on the pulse of the gastronomy world for three days. The festival is supported by many institutions and organizations, especially the Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Adana District Municipalities, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Adana Chamber of Industry, Adana Commodity Exchange, Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone, Mediterranean Exporters' Association, Turkish Hoteliers Federation, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, Turkish Union of Tourist Guides, Çukurova Touristic Hoteliers Association, Association of Cuisine Friends, Adana Cooks and Pastry Chefs Association and Çukurova Association of Cooks.

Star figures of Adana cuisine

The festival, which will be enriched with gastronomic shows by international chefs from the guest countries along with authentic, national chefs, will offer an opportunity to eat the delicious tastes of Adana. It will also serve as the meeting point for the gastronomy world in Adana. While the international festival is colored by the booths of prominent delight brands in Adana, tasting sessions, conversations, panels and cuisine workshops will take also place. The International Adana Delight Festival is a model that spreads to the whole country with its comprehensive content and continuity.

Noting that they will also welcome Gaziantep and Hatay provinces as guest cities in the festival, Gov. Mahmut Demirtaş said, "We, as the Adana governorship, conduct our work to introduce the values of our city and to carry it to a position that it deserves with its history, natural and cultural richness. In this context, we have been successfully holding the International Adana Delight Festival for two years, and its third edition will kick off in October. We have seen that the festival drew many people, which made us happy. I believe in my heart that it will attract much attention this year. We are primed to host our local and foreign guests in the best way. I want to thank those who contributed to this festival and invite everyone to discover the rich cuisine and unique delight of Adana."

Adana Mayor Zeydan Karalar also spoke about the international festival: "We try to adapt the values of our local cuisine to the present and to carry them to the next generation. We are very proud of supporting the 3rd International Adana Delight Festival. While we are sharing all the elements of Adana cuisine with our visitors, we will also introduce traditional foods that are about to be forgotten."

The festival, the content of which is prepared by Logos Communication, is conducted by Yedi Communication. It is expected that the festival will be a mediator to offer the traditional culture of Adana to many people and will contribute to the branding of the city as a rising tourist destination in the world by blending traditionalism and local gastronomy.

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