Gastronomy Train arrives in Adana as part of tour

Published 04.09.2019 00:12

Each of Turkey's southern provinces have unique cuisines and culinary traditions. To celebrate this rich gastronomy culture, the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) teamed up with the best chefs of Turkey and Turkish State Railways (TCDD) for the first-ever "Eastern Mediterranean Delight Tour."

The train's first stop was Adana which arrived at the train station yesterday. The train brought the delicious meals of the eastern Mediterranean together and visitors to the train had a chance to taste the samples of culinary masterpieces cooked with local ingredients.

Speaking to the press during the event, Adana Gov. Mahmut Demirtaş said that this year Adana will become the center of culinary arts with Adana Delight Festival which will take place for the third time from Oct. 4-6. The Gastronomy Train aims to bring the culinary riches of the regions to the public and for these areas to become a gastronomy tourism destination. Mersin, Hatay, Gaziantep and Adana are known for their exquisite and unique culinary traditions. Each provinces' cuisines are influenced by the region and the civilizations that have called these lands home throughout history.

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