Adana Delight Festival offers joyful culinary feast

Published 19.09.2019 00:07
Adana's rich culinary history will be presented at the 3rd Adana Delight Festival.
Adana's rich culinary history will be presented at the 3rd Adana Delight Festival.

The third edition of the Adana Delight Festival is getting ready to welcome gourmet food lovers and those who want to taste the most delicious food in Anatolia under its theme of a "Grand Mediterranean Feast" from Oct. 4-6.

Organized under the auspices of Ministry of Culture and Tourism and hosted by Adana Governorate, the 3rd Adana Delight Festival was introduced to the public with a press meeting, overseen by Adana Gov. Mahmut Demirtaş and Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, on Sept. 17 in Istanbul. Sharing the details of the upcoming festival, Demirtaş said they will introduce Adana's famed cuisine and culinary arts to the world via the festival. He said that Adana has a deep-rooted culinary history and this festival is a way to open Adana cuisine to the world.

The festival, which will be enriched with gastronomic shows by international chefs along with authentic, national chefs, will offer an opportunity to eat the delicious tastes of Adana. Throughout the three-day culinary festival, chefs from guest country South Korea as well as Italy, Malta, Lebanon, Albania, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Spain, France, Tunisia, Morocco, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece will blend their own cuisines with Adana's local ingredients and recipes. The festival will also serve as the meeting point for the gastronomy world in the city. While the international festival is colored by the booths of prominent delight brands in Adana, tasting sessions, conversations, panels and cuisine workshops will also take place.

Adana is a land of natural beauty, ancient civilizations and culinary delights that you can't find anywhere else. Many civilizations called the modern city of Adana their homes and each of these civilizations left traces of their culture that included the culinary arts. Located at the junction of the Middle East, Europe and Anatolia, Adana's culture evolved in part from what these civilizations left.

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