Turan's case and reading between the lines

Published 09.06.2017 23:31

With less than 36 hours left for the Turkey's crunch tie with Kosovo in the 2018 World Cup Qualifiers, the team Turkish National football team on a crossroads.

On a normal day, the match would be considered a cakewalk and three crucial points, secure. However, things have not turned out well for an already fragile site which has suffered further setbacks over the last week.

For Fatih Terim and company, even the Kosovo matchup will now be a difficult challenge and the recent crisis surrounding Turan, one of Turkey's mainstays, will only likely bog down their far from perfect Qualifiers campaign.

With a clear lack of a game plan in their previous matches, Turkey, ahead of the Kosovo tie, have lost control. The Turan crisis only goes on to show how beat and broken the national team really are at the moment.

However, this mentality alone cannot explain Turan's behavior. In order to understand what is going on in the national team, we need to understand Terim and Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Chairman Yıldırım Demirören's role in this crisis first.

For those who have not heard yet, Turan tried to attack veteran sports journalist Bilal Meşe, in the airplane, on their way to Macedonia, where the national team would play a friendly. Turan yelled, cursed and tried to physically assault Meşe, in front the team and traveling journalists, luckily no one was hurt.

The Barcelona player later called a press conference, where most of the journalists protested Turan's actions and left just as he started speaking. He justified his action with strange arguments like "being a man requires doing what I do."

The truth is, after a disastrous Euro 2016 campaign, the people in charge of Turkish football decided to make some scapegoats to cover up their failure.

Terim and Demirören, the two most responsible for the team's failure, were suddenly saved by a story regarding extra payments and Turan's demands for more money.

Meanwhile, the Turkish media at home bashed Turan and his so-called "gang" inside the national team since the beginning of the tournament, and eventually blamed them for the failure.

When Spain beat Turkey by three goals, the crowd in the stadium all booed Turan whenever he got the ball, but both Terim and Demirören escaped unscathed, despite taking the team to the cliff's edge.

Now, as Terim earlier said he did not choose Turan wholeheartedly for the squad and the fact that he did not leave his seat during the incident makes this theory only stronger.

Just like Euro 2016, the World Cup qualifiers are on the verge of collapse and Terim, backed by Demirören are once again trying to distract Turkish people from the truth, which is the Turkish national team neither has any strategy nor a game plan.

Turan's behaviors are indeed totally unacceptable and he should have apologized to Bilal Meşe, rather than being so proud.

But, the most unfortunate part of this story is that Turan has lost his case against people who are failing to lead the national team.

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