Wenger's endless misery does not have to be Arsenal's

Published 29.08.2017 00:12

It is said that the only constant thing in life is change, and everything else is subject to it, except Arsene Wenger. If there is another thing that is constant in life other than change, it is certainly Wenger's inability to learn from his mistakes and create new ways to play football.

Since 1996, and especially for the last 10 years, same scenario applies for Arsenal's Premier League journey; they are destined to stay in the fourth spot or even worse in the recent years, while all of their opponents take turns enjoying championships. This Sunday, a team and a coach who learn from their mistakes, Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, crushed them 4-0. Although Liverpool also experienced awful seasons in the recent years, they are now able to compete for the trophy, unlike Arsenal. Thus, as long as Arsene Wenger stays on the Arsenal bench, his misery will continue to be Arsenal misery.First of all, if there is one sentence that certainly holds true for Wenger's game, that must be this: Wenger clearly knows football, but cannot practice what he preaches. His obsession with a pure domination game and refusal to apply new methods, after the cure against Barcelona's game has been developed, made Arsenal a second class team which aims to participate in the European arena rather than a constant competitor for the trophy in the Premier League.Added to that, although I am in favor of his minimalistic transfer policies, Wenger does not know when to stop investing on a dead investment and spend his clubs money on the right people.

On the other hand, when you carefully watch Arsenal, you will notice that they are a promising team with a beautiful, positive gameplay. Give the devil his due, Wenger managed to create a visually satisfying game that made Arsenal the dear of all people who value good football, like me.

Nevertheless, there are lots of other ways to play football beautifully and Arsenal's way is not only dead slow, but also very predictable. Despite the fact that Wenger has not changed his mentality in the past 10 years, the team could not speed up the way they play their game. Added to that, now all the opponent's know how to defend against the domination game, and especially Arsenal's domination game given it does not have any other weapon.

Furthermore, it has been 10 years since the glory days and it is still not enough to build the next glory days, a coach must make up his mind and understand that his methods have been proven wrong by the world. This does not mean that Arsenal cannot be successful with a minimalistic transfer policy and long-term plans; I would be contradicting all of my football theory if I say that. But there is a point where one must understand that there needs to be a paradigmatic shift, a new way of thinking.

Wenger has been trying to solve his problems with the same thinking for the last 10 years, and Arsenal failed more than any team that is still developing. The potential of the team is vast, but there needs to be another philosophy and unfortunately it seems that Wenger is not the right person to deliver that.

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