Turkish football clubs earn around 400M euros from transfers in last 4 seasons

Published 19.01.2019 00:00

The income obtained by Super League teams from transfers in the last four seasons has approached 400 million euros ($456 million), according to Turkish daily Hürriyet on Friday.

Turkey's Super League clubs have recently made headlines over their mounting debts which will now be restructured in a project run by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) and Turkish Banking Association (TBB).

The project, which is not a new debt package, aims to strengthen the managerial and financial structure of the clubs. On the other hand, recent financial struggles and UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations also forced Turkish heavyweights to change their flamboyant transfer policies.

Top tier teams have now come to the fore with transfers they made in the last four season and the income they obtained. Acting to comply with the financial criteria of the TFF, clubs are not turning down high transfer offers from abroad. Thus, clubs get rid of high-paid foreign players and offer young talents to European clubs.

Lastly, one of Turkey's leading clubs, Galatasaray, the rising team of the winter transfer season, sold its young talent Ozan Kabak to German's Stuttgart for 11 million euros, thus leading the way in the Super League's player exports.

Galatasaray has been reported to have managed to make a total of 97.4 million euros in transfers in the last four years. It reached the highest amount in the 2017-2018 football season with 36 million euros in transfer fees obtained from abroad in one season.

It generated record transfer income in the last four years, particularly from selling Badou Ndiaye to Stoke City. Ndiaye, who was sold to England's Stoke City last season, brought in 16 million euros, while the team made close to 30 million euros from player transfers this season.

Another Istanbul powerhouse, Beşiktaş followed suit as one of the prominent clubs in the player transfers this season. The club, which stood out with free and low-cost transfers, managed to sell many of these players to foreign clubs at high prices.

During this period, Beşiktaş reached 91 million euros in transfers, including that of striker Cenk Tosun's move to Everton. Having brought in Tosun from Gaziantep Spor on a free transfer, the club sold him to the Blues, generating over 22 million euros.

Despite the hike in player sales, Turkish teams that spend almost as much as their incomes were not listed among the 40 most profitable clubs in the world. Monaco took the lead in the 2018-2019 season, followed by Bayern Munich.

Monaco made 316 million euros in revenue this year while spending 141 million euros. German giant Bayern Munich, on the other hand, made a profit of 70 million euros this season.

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