Beşiktaş needs proper administration, not more agitation

Published 28.09.2019 00:00

This season has so far been a nightmare for Beşiktaş in almost all aspects. The team has only five points in five games, the media is roasting the new manager Abdullah Avcı and the total debt broke a new record. Nevertheless, the worst came last week as Chairman Fikret Orman decided to resign in the middle of the crisis and took the club to an extraordinary general assembly to elect his replacement.

This was a total shock to everyone because even the manager and his team learned the news while they were in training, preparing for a crucial game against Trabzonspor this weekend. But the shock reached its peak when just a few days after his resignation, Orman returned to the club and declared that he will run for the chairman's office.

Of course, the situation is fishy for people who know how Turkish football works. Especially the way Orman was welcomed in the club headquarters was very suspicious, as a few groups of fans, who held exactly the same banners, cheered for Orman, attributing successes that came under his administration to him.

This is suspicious because Turkish football executives are well known for making fake exits. Orman was under pressure due to the club's failing financial and sportive performance. Nonetheless, there are still many who believe the prospects would only worsen without Orman, who revived the team after a disastrous run. Thus, with this fake exit, Orman might have managed to rally the troops behind him before the general assembly.

However, what created this turbulent situation was the lack of transparency in the club. The fans, who supported Orman even in the "sacrifice" season, when the team underwent a financial reconstruction, now want to know what is happening in the club.

Back then, Orman was regularly informing the fans and the media of what was happening, so everyone could understand why the club was undergoing through such a painful process. Now the situation is similar, but the chairman's way of dealing with it is different. After two glorious seasons with two Super League championships and one Champions League final 16, the fans merely question what went wrong. Yet, Orman has not provided any satisfactory answers to these questions.

If Beşiktaş reelects Orman with this attitude, it is almost certain that there will be less transparency and more suspicion in the future.

Orman must engage in some self-criticism and explain the worsening situation of the club to everyone. Without this, Beşiktaş would be handing a blank check to Orman, which is one of the most dangerous things you can do in Turkish football.

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