World Blood Donor Day celebrated by Turkish Red Crescent

Published 15.06.2015 21:57

The Turkish Red Crescent gave volunteer blood donors medals for their support as a part of World Blood Donor Day events last Sunday.

Speaking at the event that was held at Başkent Öğretmenevi in Ankara, Pavel Ursu, the World Health Organization's representative in Turkey, said that volunteer blood donation is the key to prevent people from dying or suffering due to lack of blood for transfusions. Ursu stressed that blood transfusions help people with injuries to live longer and play a crucial role in childbirth as well as the treatment of people following a natural disaster and draw attention to the increasing demand for blood and blood-derived products. He concluded his speech by adding that millions of people are saved thanks to the blood donated by volunteers.

The Turkish Red Crescent's Blood Center Central Anatolia Regional Director Murat Güler said that they have branches in seven provinces that operate as the headquarters of the seven regions in Turkey. He also said that the Blood Donation Center in Ankara collects 60 percent of blood donations in the central Anatolia region.

Güler said that the 64 Red Crecent blood donation centers in Turkey provided 75 percent of the blood required by hospitals last year.

Following the speeches a composition titled "Blood Donor," composed by one of the employees of Turkish Red Crescent, Metin Kalender, was performed.

During the ceremony, 32 people who donated blood for 45 times received plaques, 55 people who donated blood for 35 times received golden medals and 122 people who donated blood for 25 times were presented with silver medals.

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