Strong southwesterly winds trigger headache, rheumatic pain

Published 22.11.2015 00:00
Updated 23.11.2015 12:14
Strong southwesterly winds trigger headache, rheumatic pain

Over the weekend, strong southwesterly winds or Lodos in Turkish, have caused disruption and accidents as well as blown off roofs in and around Istanbul. The Istanbul Sea Buses Ltd. (İDO) cancelled some ferry routes.

As a regular occurrence during winter months affecting the Marmara region of Turkey, southwesterly winds do not merely affect our environment but also develop headaches and even trigger migraine in certain incidences. The high wind pressure does not merely cause headaches but some other psychological conditions as well sleeping disorder.

The common symptoms include increased rheumatic pain, headaches and migraine, and blood pressure fluctuations. People exposed to southwesterly winds may suffer either from insomnia or hypersomnia. In certain cases, such winds reduce work motivation accompanied with lack of energy, fatigue and stagnancy. Vitreous hemorrhage can be seen. Your appetite can also change as you may either want to eat more or come up with loss of appetite. You may also feel stressed and depressive, too.

Experts also say that southwesterly winds can develop difficulty in breathing and dyspnea. Patients with sinusitis should pay more attention when they go out. To avoid physical and psychological changes these days, there are a few steps that will help you overcome its effects with less difficulty.

Even if the temperature is fine, protect your head from the winds by wearing a hat or beret. You are not recommended to go out immediately after having a shower. Protect yourself from the wind as much as possible and if you have a chance you may stay at home. Pay particular attention to your sleep to avoid weather sensitivity and do not drink coffee in the evening hours. Instead you may prefer herbal teas, making you sleep better.

According to the Women's Day website, instead of taking pain medication when a headache strikes, you can consume certain foods that prevent it. Baked potato rich in potassium, almonds, yogurt and spinach salad are some foods help you to ease your headache.

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