April rain good for health, increases iron levels in the body

Published 24.04.2017 00:05

Rain that falls during the month of April consists of iron which gives vitality and energy to the body, said Ahmet Köse, a meteorology engineer.

Köse claimed that the iron which people lose during the winter can be refreshed by walking in the rain during April.

"Check the iron levels of your body and then have it checked after you walk in the rain for some time. You will definitely see the difference," he added.

The benefits of April rainfall have been known to the Turks for many centuries. During the reign of the Seljuks, the people used to collect rainfall in April in order to use it to treat the sick.

"Those, who still believe that April rainfall is good for the health in Konya, put bowls or jars outside their houses to collect the raindrops. Some people even take a bath with the rain water to make their hair grow quicker," said Köse.

Although April rainfall is good for health, it causes more damage than benefit in places where air pollution levels are high.

"During April rainfall, the grains in the air fall down to the earth's surface as well. If the air is polluted, these grains are composed of carbon and sulfur, which is not beneficial for your health," Köse said.

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