Cancer patients to find health, peace in new oncology village

Published 20.05.2018 23:24 Modified 20.05.2018 23:24

Initiated by Giresun University, an "oncology health village" will be built in the Black Sea region of Giresun.

Known for its green landscape and clean air, Giresun offers a healthy environment for patients. The Oncology Health Village will offer a stress-free and morale-boosting health center to cancer patients.

Professor Musa Genç, the dean of the Faculty of Tourism at Giresun University, said the patients would have a chance to be alone in nature and find inner peace with the project, which will be built in an ecological environment.

"With its unmatched natural beauty, history and culture, Giresun will offer peace to cancer patients. They will have time to boost their morale at a center where they will be taken care of pre and post treatment," said Genç.

Currently, the search for the perfect location for the oncology health village is still underway.

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