Tips for a healthy diet during Qurban Bayram

Published 20.08.2018 22:58
Updated 20.08.2018 23:00
Tips for a healthy diet during Qurban Bayram

It is the time for Islam's second most important holiday, Qurban Bayram - also known as Eid al-Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice. During this festival, Muslims around the world sacrifice animals and share the meat with friends, relatives, neighbors and poor people.

When it comes to bayram celebrations, it is not easy to say no to the delicious meat dishes, a variety of desserts and chocolates.

If you want to enjoy your holiday and prevent any discomfort, Daily Sabah has a few tips for you to enjoy delicious Qurban Bayram meals but maintain a healthy diet at the same time.

Protein for breakfast: Eating "kavurma" (fried meat) for breakfast during Qurban Bayram is a Turkish tradition. Consuming protein in breakfast is fine but let us not get ahead of ourselves: 100 grams of kavurma contains 25 grams of protein and up to 300 calories. So, keep in mind to consume small portions.

Keep away from fat: Meat is always a healthy food choice as long as you stay away from the fat, which is rich in cholesterol.

Cook meat in low heat: Red meat is rich in protein as well as minerals and vitamins. To be able to consume these vitamins and minerals as much as possible, it is important to cook meat at a low heat.

Do not forget your veggies and fruits: During Qurban Bayram, it is not uncommon for many of us to have meat three times a day. But it is crucial that we do not forget our vegetables and fruits for a healthy and balanced diet. During your visits to the elders and loved ones, prefer pudding desserts, instead of those with sherbet.

Less coffee, more water: Turkish hosts would often serve Coffee to their guests during bayram celebrations. However, minimizing your consumption of coffee would help you have a more comfortable Qurban Bayram. Prefer water over coffee or other beverages. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

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