Body percussion therapy gives new hope to Parkinson's patients

Published 26.04.2019 00:04

Parkinson's patients in İzmir have found an entertaining way to treat the symptoms of the disease by using body percussion.

Patients who suffer from the shakes, imbalance and lack of movement have found relief through percussion therapy accompanied by professional drummer Fikri Yargıcı. Organized by the Parkinson's Patients Association, the therapy, which takes place once a week, is free of charge. The patients who learn how to do it are also asked to repeat what they have learned at home, as well.

Commenting on the positive effects of body percussion therapy, Gülnur Uğurlu Kelçe, president of the Parkinson's Patients Association, said: "We are extremely happy to monitor the changes in our patients. The changes in their walking and movements in their arms and legs are incredible."

Drummer Fikri Yargıcı explained that they use seven different melodies during the therapy and try to increase their rhythm perceptions. "Body percussion increases their hand and feet coordination. We are currently getting ready to put on a two-minute body percussion show with our patients," he added.

Fuat Şentürk has been getting therapy for Parkinson's for the last 20 years, and he said nothing has been as effective as body percussion therapy. "Eighty percent of the symptoms have been eased with the therapy. I am able to walk on my own, go to the park and the doctor's office by myself," Şentürk added.

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